Covid19 Vaccination Programme News


We have been exceptionally busy over the last 3 months trying to keep on top of a complex and challenging flu and Covid Booster programme.   Within our Primary Care Network we have delivered over 25,000 Covid Vaccinations in the last year – this is a massive achievement, and one which we are very proud of.   That was alongside doing our very best to deliver a normal service in the most challenging of times for everybody – the doctors, nurses admin team and indeed you the patients.   Thank you to everybody who has worked with us to help us give the best service we’ve been able to.

We have in the last few weeks over the Christmas period vaccinated over 1,200 patients at Widcombe Surgery with their Covid Boosters.   We hope that those of you who have been to Widcombe for your Booster this Winter have appreciated that opportunity – thank you for some really positive feedback from so many of you for our team.

The delivery of the vaccination programme remains ever- changing.  At this point in time we have no further clinics booked directly at Widcombe.  Please contact 119 and they will arrange your vaccination appointment at one of the National Booking Centres.

One of our biggest challenges has been trying to help patients who had their initial vaccinations abroad, patients who want vaccinations early – and we’re aware we regularly say please contact 119.  Unfortunately we don’t have the answers to many of the queries that are raised, and we don’t have the abilty to resolve them.  The Covid Vaccination is a National System – not one being managed at General Practice Level.   There has been a lot of frustration from patients wanting to travel and many queries about the Covid Pass appearing on the App.  Apologies to those of you we struggled to help.

The Community Teams have been working really hard to vaccinate our small group of Housebound patients.  The challenges they face due to logistics, staff shortages, and the need to provide a normal service for that group of patients have been enormous.  If you are Housebound and have still not been vaccinated at home, but would like to be, please contact me.

Thank you for your support and patience at this time.

Elaine Smith, Practice Manager

9th January 2022