Welcome to our new patients from Grosvenor and Monmouth Surgeries

Welcome to our new patients from Grosvenor and Monmouth Surgeries

Dear Patient

We are delighted to welcome you to Widcombe Surgery.   We appreciate that for many of you there will be a lot of disappointment at the closure of your old practice, and that some of you may be worried about the fact that you have to change to a new practice in Bath.

We would like to reassure you that we will try our very best to make the transition to Widcombe as smooth as possible.

Your electronic records will transfer to us overnight and all of the team at Widcombe will have access to that information, just as the doctors and nurses did at your previous practice.   Your paper records, which to be fair, are rarely used these days, will come to us this week, and should there be any need for anybody to access those records we will be able to do so.

  • We will know what medication you have been taking and when your next prescriptions are due.
  • We will know if you have a long-term condition for which you have been treated previously, and when you will need to have a review or check-up for that condition.
  • We will reinstate your access to on-line records this week – so you should be able to request your medication on-line as you did previously. If you’ve never actually had on-line access to your surgery, we would strongly encourage you to log onto Widcombe’s website and request access.   We will be able to grant that to you very quickly on receipt of your request.
  • You will be allocated to a ‘Usual Doctor’ at Widcombe, and we would encourage you for continuity of care to try and make appointments with that doctor. However, there are times when you will need to contact a doctor urgently – and for that purpose you can call the surgery at any time before 10.30 am and a doctor will have a telephone consultation with you on the morning, and advise you what action to take next for on-going care.
  • If you need to book an appointment with a nurse or doctor, please call reception on 310883 and this will be arranged for you. We are likely to be very busy in the next two or three weeks because of the number of new patients who are transferring to us, so please be patient, and if your appointment is not urgent, wait a week or so before making that appointment.

Clearly because of Covid we are working differently in General Practice to ‘normal’.  We are encouraging patients not to come into the surgery, and doing as much as possible over the telephone.  We appreciate that is not always possible, and if a doctor needs to see you in person, you will be asked to come in for your appointment by the doctor.   Similarly for most Nurse and Health Care Assistant appointments you will need to come to the surgery in person.  You must follow all normal social distancing rules for those appointments, and you must not come into the surgery if you think there is any possibility that you have Coronavirus.

We appreciate that many of you are concerned about your Covid vaccinations.   We hope that for those of you that have had your first vaccination, your second appointment will be at the same place as your first.  For those of you who haven’t yet been vaccinated, you will be offered an appointment in line with the guidance we are receiving for the various cohorts:  we contact you directly, or it may be at one of the National Vaccination Centres.  Our records will clearly show who needs vaccinating, and which group you are in, so please bear with us – you certainly won’t be forgotten.

Once again, welcome to Widcombe Surgery.   We look forward to having you as one of our patients and will do our best to provide you and your family with a first class level of care.

All of the Doctors and Team from Widcombe